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ARE YOU SINGLE? ❤      Want Someone to Share Your Weekends or Evenings? 😕    Would You like to Easily Meet Someone or have Fun making new Friends? 😊     Maybe you're tired of average tinder dates, or frustrated out about the whole having to find someone experience 💔    I hear you  🙌    I've been stuck in bad relationships, lost with no relationships.  And I've struggled - greatly.   But I've also found my way and so can you. Even worse is when my female friends feel the same...  😐 She know's she's a great person, but is sick of the rubbish dates and less then satisfying comments on tinder and other dating apps    What am I meant to say to the right guys when only the wrong ones approach me? I mean I'm great at talking to friends, but initiating chat with someone new?   🤷‍♀️            Our Social Events exist because you deserve a better life.  More friends, more fun, more love ❤  It's tough meeting new people, and hard making small talk with strangers.  But what if it felt natural? What if you realised our Social Events are the easiest and most relaxed way to naturally socialise (hint, hint)  Now Imagine, with every interaction you're getting better at talking people while having fun at great social events   😃✔            • Easily Make New Connections • We'll Break the ice for you ✌    • Everyone comes to Socialise at our Fun Events so its the Easiest place to Start a Conversation   😊   • If you're in a relationship but just want to be more Social you're always welcome 🙏      Every RSVP brings you one conversation closer to finding that special someone. Now feel your new found confidence when meeting someone new. Why not take your first step and RSVP  ✔      ------------------------------------------------------------------ STILL UNSURE?   Human connection is all we really have in this fleeting experience called life. Let's meet, Let's chat, Lets RSVP, Let's bring everyone out who's experienced loneliness in Melbourne. Let's find that special someone. And let us shine a light on our world 🌏        If you've ever wanted to get better, to be better, simply take your first step... RSVP - and Join us.  RSVPing is your first step. Even if you're not sure, I know what you know, to click is to step, to step is to progress. To become capable, to become you, to take the life you truly deserve. RSVP and attend a fun social event 😊 Stop waiting, you deserve to feel better now 🙏  So smile - take a breath and we'll meet you there.  Social Information: Click here to view our Website ( Click here to view or Social Singles MeetUp Group ( Click here to view our Instagram ( Click here to view our Facebook Page (